Hello!  In three months, I will be moving into a completely different part of the world to study. In the meantime, I decided to open commissions to earn a bit of money. Every single dollar is a great help. More examples of my art can be found in my art tag and in my artblog.

I will draw everything from fanart to original characters in the limits of good taste.

I accept payments only via PayPal.

Commissioning me:

  • Message me on tumblr in here or here
  • In the message, tell me what kind of a picture you want and in what style. I will also need references, especially if it’s an original character. The more the better!
  • I will then send you my PayPal info and the price. I will not start working on the picture before I’ve got the payment.

More info on the prices

  • Additional characters +7$ per character
  • Background +10$

If you have any questions please drop an ask!

25/02/14 ◔ 12

Decided to draw a small ref sheet for the cardassian lady…

23/02/14 ◔ 19

Apparently sketched a cardassian lady last night. I have no memory of this.

22/02/14 ◔ 88

This pretty much sums up my weekend at Desucon Frostbite.

It was my first time selling stuff in the artists alley and I was really ill…thank god I had a sparkly prince and a vocaloid next to me. Thanks to everyone who visited our table and bought stuff!

17/02/14 ◔ 13

(Source: karsbabe)

29/01/14 ◔ 20

S. Ikari

03/12/13 ◔ 12

My pal Pie got me into reading Game of Thrones. I’ve never seen the show and I want to read all the books before watching it. But anyway, here’s some characters drawn the way I imagine them to look like.

21/10/13 ◔ 9

4691 irradiated haggis.

02/10/13 ◔ 20

I drew a moose skull. Took about three hours.

27/09/13 ◔ 19

This post made me too happy and I just had to contribute to this wonderful thing holy jesus yes

08/08/13 ◔ 42

You don’t know true fear until you’ve watched Moomins

07:01PM ◔ 1523

DD9!Seven and Dukat, as promised.

Sorry for making Deep Dish Nine about Voyager

04:54AM ◔ 55

Odo was among the most requested things so here he is, DD9!Odo. Police was the obvious choice so I went with it.

Redesigning him was a challenge! I really wanted to give him René Auberjonois’ beard but decided not to since Odo has a really smooth skin. 

07/08/13 ◔ 150