I did this a couple of days ago, with all the Scotty/Uhura thing going on, and I forgot to upload it!

I watched the episode specially because of this scene. Cause, y’know what, JJ? Scotty actually dies trying to”save” Uhura, although he didn’t even know if the thingie was hurting her. And when he comes back to life, y’know what’s the first thing he says? That the thingie was attacking Uhura. Got that, JJ? Got it?

Besides, I love how Scotty looks like an angry unicorn in the last cap. ♥

Aaand some people still say it’s not canon.

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    Aaand some people still say it’s not canon.
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    Meh, I don’t think Nu!Trek Scohura would work as well as it did in TOS, but such can be said of most things in the new...
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